Backdraft Damper (Spring Loaded)
RSK butterfly dampers are designed specifically for use with high pressure in-line fans and may also be used as simple backdraft dampers in a duct system. The flaps are spring-loaded and when the fan is switched off they close providing a seal. The tube is constructed from galvanised steel and the flaps from aluminium.
Model Number Duct Diameter To Suit PowerJet To Suit Ezifit In-Wall To Suit Ezifit Thru Wall To Suit Ezifit Thru Roof
RSK100 100 TD-250/100 - - -
RSK125 125 TD-350/125 - - -
RSK150 150 TD-500/150 EIE150 EWE152, EWE154 ECE152, ECE154
RSK200 200 TD-800/200, TD-800/200N - - ECE204
RSK250 250 TD-1300/250 - - -
RSK315 315 TD-2000/315 - - -
All dimensions in mm

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